Fartman would be half-hour show consisting of two 11-minute episodes with commercials in-between. Some stories would take more than one 11-minute episode. Each story is designed to stand alone but there is an ongoing season-long plot line that unites all of the episodes.

The style of the final animation would look, as Howard Stern put it, “like a room full of Koreans” worked on it. If that comment makes you want to start a public outcry about racism, please note that it’s meant as a compliment to the beautiful animation work done in Korea so find some other cause that’s actually worth talking or fighting about.

Animatics are ROUGH animations of storyboards used to show a scene’s timing and to give all of the people working on the show a blueprint to follow. If you watch these and want to tell us that the art sucks, don’t bother — we already know. The art in animatics is SUPPOSED to be rough.

Animatic: Fartman and Robin (Fartman 1966)

This spoof / homage was specifically created to stylistically match the original material. Actual Fartman animation would have different character designs and include highlights and shadows.

Animatic: Break In: Tan-Trum’s Lair

We wondered how someone with Fartman’s powers would handle a conventional super hero challenge like breaking into a villain’s lair and this is one of many scenarios we came up with. This animatic features more finished art than the others but it’s still an animatic: the character designs are not final and the animation is very limited.

Animatic: Butt-Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Smell No Tails

In an alternate universe, Fartman is captain of The Brown Pearl and uses a mystical compASS to lead his flaming crew of wack packers to as much booty as they can find! And treasure, too, if there’s time. This scene shows just a few ways that super fart powers can be used in ye olde timey naval warfare. The art is VERY rough but we added basic color to make it easier to follow.

Animatic: Blast-off / Learning to Fly

Much of the fun of Fartman comes from the fact that he’s so unlike any other hero. That means that nearly everything he does looks different from other heroes, including the way he fights and flies. This is an early test animatic to show how he takes off, flies and lands. For extra fun, we included an alternate universe version of him, too! This is temp art and animation — NOT FINAL. REVISED June 2, 2020.

Animatic: TeleFlush

When space aliens enter the story, we meet many different species. This species’ tech is all toilet-based and they can create a temporary wormhole that draws them in and delivers them to another point in space: the Teleflush! (As awful as it sounds, it makes more sense to us than transforming someone’s matter into energy, transmitting that energy and then transforming it back into matter.) The animation is rough (especially the energy effects of the portal) but we wanted to test this idea and see if it was as funny as we expected.

Animatic: Alien Space Suit

Testing this concept for an alien space suit with a built-in retractable helmet. (In case you’re wondering, the inside of the lid becomes a video screen when the helmet is closed.)


We have (too) many stories planned… following are just a few examples:

Season 1, Episode 01: A Fart is Born

Meet Fartman. Meet Robin. Meet Fred. Fartman meets Robin. Robin meets Fred. See Fartman and Robin meet other heroes. All seems okay till a giant monster attacks Manhattan and Fartman must make a split-second decision that will drastically affect the rest of his life. Music features “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult and songs by Foo-Fighters.

Season 1, Episode 02: Flock You, Fartman!

Fartman, Robin and Fred need to take their crime-fighting career to the next level and talking monkey Baba Booey wants to help! They resist at first but Booey has a Discover card and a cousin with a van so why not? Fartman tries to help famous late-night talk show host Jimble Kimble who is being bullied by some wild swans only to find himself in a no-win situation: either Fartman gets his ass kicked by surprisingly large, badass swans or he is seen beating up on water fowl that are best known for inspiring tragic ballets.

Season 1, Episode 03: I Fart the Law (and the Law Won)

When a rural Vermont mail carrier reports being fingered by a hulking brute rumored to be the legendary Bigfoot, Fartman and friends are on the case! At first, Fartman attacks with cheeks blazing but soon discovers Bigfoot’s not a monster, just a large, mentally and hygienically challenged guy who somehow thinks his BJs are worth $100. But since molesting a postal worker is a federal crime, Fartman finds himself fighting the federal authorities to protect the big lug! Could Bigfoot’s “mary-joo-wanna” stash save the day?
BONUS: In the junkyard where Bigfoot sips gasoline, the team meets Ronnie the Robot, a badly aging robot that can “reconfigurate” into a badly aging car!

Season 1, Episode TBD: Tan-Trum

Fartman and his pals run afoul of Tan-trum, the criminal “mastermind”/mom whose Tanning Ray and Tanning Spray can turn others into her slaves until the tan wears off. When Fartman is tanned and turned against his friends, we see what Fartman can really do when he’s free of his moral compass and his many insecurities.

Season 1, Episode TBD: Curse of the Chihuerewolf

The gang goes to New Mexico on a job to protect the infamously temperamental, up-and-coming box office darling known simply as Eric the Actor from werewolves while he shoots his next film. Unfortunately, little person Eric was already bitten and on the nights of the full moon, he transforms into a creature that is half-man / half-chihuahua: a Chihuerewolf! Or should it be Werehuahua?