Even when comics are the source material for TV shows, movies or animation, they STILL get treated like Rodney Dangerfield. Fartman comics are planned in conjunction with the show so even though you can enjoy either separately, both complement each other.
There are lots of stupid marketing ploys to sell comics and our absolute fave is “re-launching” a series with a new #1 issue even though pretty much everything is the same. We’re taking it one step further by making EVERY SINGLE ISSUE of Howard Stern’s Fartman a #1! You’re welcome, comic book retailers!

Methane vs Monster

The comic book companion for the pilot episode of the show.

Fartman comic: Methane vs Monster

Free Comic Book Day

The first Saturday of every May is Free Comic Book Day and we’re going to put our stink on the occasion!

Tanned and Confused

Fartman takes on Tan-Trum and her chemically-controlled zombie army! (Sorry for ruining that classic Bond poster for you.)

Opiate of the Asses / The Crapture

Some idiot has started a religion around Fartman and the only ones less pleased than Fartman himself are all of the sleazy televangelists who think he’s trying to horn in on their racket.