Howard Stern as Fartman
Howard Stern as Fartman. Photo: Getty Images

FARTMAN is character created by HOWARD STERN for his popular, long-running radio show. Howard portrayed the character live at the 1992 MTV Music Awards and in his film Private Parts which recounted the story. See wikipedia link for more info:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fartman_(Howard_Stern)

Years ago, on his show, Howard Stern had talked about trying to get a live-action Fartman movie made but opted to make Private Parts instead. Howard also said that he considered doing an animated version of Fartman but thought it didn’t make financial sense because he only likes animation that “looks like a room full of Koreans” worked on it.

More recently, we were inspired to do some sketches and jokes around this character and our idea blossomed like a prolapsed anus into a full-scale development plan. 2017 was the 20th anniversary of Fartman and Howard Stern marked the occasion with an audio adventure starring himself and Ike Barinholz (a.k.a. Ike BareHoles). That story centered around Fartman handing his mantle to a new, younger sentinel of stench. The animated series we’re pitching focuses on the beginning of the original Master of Methane’s crime-fighting career.